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Since our formation in 2001, the Cold Lake Ice have become a force to be reckoned with in the North Eastern Alberta Junior B Hockey League.


The Ice have traveled all over the province and have even faced teams from as far as Thunder Bay, ON along with the Chinese national hockey team. In our 2015/2016 Season, we were honored to have been chosen to host the prestigious Keystone Cup, which welcomed  six of the top teams from northern Ontario to British Columbia to compete in a four-day western Canadian championship.


Our home arena is Imperial Oil Place, located inside Cold Lake’s Energy Centre. With a capacity of 2,500 plus fans, and an NHL-sized ice surface, Imperial Oil Place sets the stage for fast-paced, intense hockey that keeps fans of all ages on the edge of their seats.


The Cold Lake Ice is a team of hard working and dedicated men who train hard to play their sport of choice. Together with the support of  our community,  fans, sponsors, and volunteers, our organization works together as we proudly watch our players develop and progress with each new season. 


With our 2021-2022 season upon us, we are very excited to see what is to come. We have set our sights high and we look forward to a great season together with our local fans!

See you at the rink!

Scott Hood



The Cold Lake Ice are committed to developing these young adults into great hockey players and even better human beings. We also want to bring the winning tradition back to the city of Cold Lake by not only
bringing in good hockey players but also great kids to play for our organization. We want the kids to treat all volunteers, billets, sponsors and fans with respect and gratitude. The success of this organization off the ice is in large part due to the wonderful board and volunteers that we have assembled. As the coach of this great organization, I am very proud to be going into my 5th year and seeing all the hard work payoff over the last 4 years.

Jacki Cook



The Cold Lake Ice appreciate the support of our committed and passionate hockey community.  We want to be your Junior B Hockey team and we want to make you proud of these players and embrace our program, both on and off the ice.  We also recognize the efforts of our volunteers, board of directors, and fans, all of whom have a vested interest in our success both physically and emotionally.  You truly are the engine and energy that drives this team and without you, our efforts would be pointless!

  To the many business that are part of our supporter group, those that advertise and sponsor, we appreciate your ongoing support of our organization and commitment to the Cold Lake Ice team.

On behalf of the Board of the Cold Lake Ice Hockey Club, the Ice players and staff, our fans and the community we would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU. 

  Our goal is and will continue to be — to provide a high quality, competitive atmosphere for our players, to provide an opportunity for them to further advance in hockey and ultimately through life.  On their journey, we want them to be part of our community! Thanks to you, we continue to enjoy one of the highest levels of fan support in Junior "B" hockey.  You are to be congratulated for being a huge part of our success as a Hockey Club and for keeping our hockey tradition strong and vibrant.

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